Filmmaker Panels

Saturday November 11th / Fairhope Film Festival Office

122 Fairhope Ave Suite #3 (entrance on S. Summit Street)

Panels Moderator

Mike McHugh – former Business Agent of IATSE Local 478, Motion Picture Studio Mechanics of La., So. MS and Mobile

Tell It Like It Is

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM


This panel is a collection of talented documentarians who know how to get to the meat of a story and present it in the best possible way. They will discuss many of the important details that go into filmmaking. What to leave in, and what to take out? What moves a story forward, and what causes it to stall or spread into unwanted places? How do you grab and keep an audience’s attention? Panel will take questions from the audience.

Panel Participants

Michele Forman – ALABAMA BOUND

April Hayes & Katia Maguire – HOME TRUTH

Rachel Shuman – ONE OCTOBER

The Heart of the Matter

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


Everyone has a story. Many of us want to tell it. Meet these enterprising, talented filmmakers and find out how it is done. Turn your truth into reality. Find out how to present and preserve your story.

Panel Participants

Frank Monteleone – HOTEL AL

Stephen Savage & Ron Meszaros – THE RUBY GLASSES

Meredith Portman – ACT II